Cast Iron

Cast Iron DIN EN 1561 (Meehanite)

GG25/GD250 is the most common cast iron grade. It is an iron-carbon-silicon alloy often referred to as grey cast iron. It has widespread engineering applications due to its many attractive properties which compensate for its limitations, ie low tensile strength and ductility. Some of its more attractive properties are high compressive strength, excellent machinability, good resistance to sliding wear, very good thermal conductivity and exceptionally good vibration damping and absorption properties.

Weldability is considered fair to poor as compared to low carbon steels and advice should be taken from a welding consumables supplier.

Normally supplied as cast in bar form. Cast iron is widely used in many industries to produce an array of products including cylinder blocks, gears, cam shafts, flywheels, glass moulds, hydraulic ram parts, pistons, machine slide ways, pumps, valves and rotors etc.

Colour Code


Related Specifications

Steel Number Steel Name Grade AISI/SAE BS 1452 1990
0.6025 EN-GJL-250 250 - Grade 250

Typical Chemical Analysis

C Si Mn S P Fe
2.8/3.6 1.8/2.9 .40/.70 .10max .30max Bal
orangeCircle orangeCircle orangeCircle orangeCircle orangeCircle
Rounds Rounds Rounds Rounds Rounds
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
20 70 110 170 250
25 75 115 180 260
30 80 120 190 270
45 85 125 200 280
50 90 140 210 300
55 95 145 220 330
60 100 150 230 350
65 105 160 240 400

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