Nickel Alloys

Alloy 400


A Nickel-Copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to sea water, steam and acidic/alkaline media. This alloy is characterized by moderate to high strength, good weld ability and is generally not susceptible to stress corrosion cracking.

Alloy 400 possesses good mechanical properties from sub zero temperatures up to 1020 deg F, is slightly magnetic at room temperatures.

Typical applications: Oil, Marine and Chemical industries, valves , pumps and propeller shafts, marine fixtures and fasteners, electrical and electronic components, chemical processing equipment.

Available in dia bar stock from ¾" to 10"

(Other forms available on request).

Colour Code

Related Specifications

Steel Number UNS ASTM
2.4360 N04400 B164

Typical Chemical Analysis

Ele C Mn P S Si AL Ni Cu Fe
Max .3 2.0 .024 .5 70 34 2.5
Min .005 .02 63 28

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