Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. has been appointed Exclusive Distributor in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom for Boston Centerless

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Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. are proud to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive distributor of precision bar products to the medical device market in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom for Boston Centerless, the premier supplier of precision ground alloys and services to the medical device industry.

Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. is a leading multi-metal distributor of materials for medical device manufacturers in Ireland and Europe. Their unique combination of trading experience and product range enables them to offer a customer-led service with a focus on continuous improvement of people, product, and process. “By adding Boston Centerless to our product offering, we enhance the products and services offered to our customers while helping them improve their products and reduce costs both here in Ireland and internationally,” said Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. Chairman and CEO, Don Clarke.

Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. will play an instrumental role in establishing a presence for Boston Centerless in the ever-growing medical device industry in Ireland. “There could not be a better partner for us in Ireland and the UK,” said David Smith, Vice President of Business Development for Boston Centerless. “Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. knowledge of the Irish medical device market, existing infrastructure, and vast experience working with European organizations are unsurpassed. Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. also possesses the local resources and high-quality service standards that Boston Centerless is known for.”

The Boston Centerless / Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. partnership will be officially rolled-out to customers at the upcoming Medical Technology Ireland show in Galway, Ireland, September 25-26th.

About Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd.

Founded in 1973, Impact Ireland ‹Metals› Ltd. is one of Ireland and Europe’s leading multi-metal stockholder and distributor. They source, stock and distribute a vast range of European-sourced materials including stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, tool steel, bright steel, black steel, cast iron, chrome plated rods, steel tubes, aluminum bronze, bronze, brass, copper, NI Resist, UNS-S20910 and high-performance engineering plastics to companies in Ireland. For more information, visit

About Boston Centerless

Boston Centerless supplies customers worldwide with precision ground bar materials for close tolerance CNC Swiss machining applications. The company also provides grinding services for customer-supplied materials and components, provides CNC Swiss consulting services, and manufactures a line of ultra-precise gages. For more information, visit