Ductile Iron

Ductile Iron GGG40 (Spheroidal Graphite)

Ductile iron is specifically useful in many automotive components, where strength needs surpass that of aluminium but do not necessarily require steel. Other major industrial applications include pipework, oil well pumps, components in hydraulic rams for agriculture and yellow goods industries.

While most varieties of cast iron are brittle, ductile iron has much more impact and fatigue resistance. Weldability is considered fair to poor as compared to low carbon steels and advice should be taken from a welding consumable supplier.

Colour Code


Related Specifications

Steel Number Steel Name Grade ATSM BS 1452 1990
0.7040 EN-GJS-400 GGG 40 65 45 12 420/12

Typical Chemical Analysis

C Si Mn S P Mg Fe
3.25 - 3.70 1.80/2.90 .40/.70 0.005/0.20 0.015-0.08 0.04-0.07 Balance
orangeCircle orangeCircle orangeCircle
Rounds Rounds Rounds
(mm) (mm) (mm)
50 90 140
55 95 145
60 100 150
65 105 160
70 110 170
75 115 180
80 120  
85 125  

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