Stainless Steel

431 BS EN 10088-3


Stainless Grade 431 is a heat treatable martensitic, nickel bearing grade with the best corrosion properties of all the martensitic grades. It has excellent tensile and torque strength and good toughness making it ideally suitable for shafting and bolt applications. It is not readily cold worked because of its high yield strength therefore not recommended for cold heading or bending. Grade 431 has good resistance to a wide variety of corrosive media.

Suitable for shafts, bolts, pump spindles, fasteners, fittings and structural components.

Colour Code


Related Specifications

Steel Number Steel Name Grade UNS BS 970 1983
1.4057 X17CrNi16-2 43I S43100 431S29

Typical Chemical Analysis

C Mn Si Cr Ni P S Fe
.14/.20 1.0max 1.0max 15/18 2.0-3.0 .04max .030max Balance
orangeBrownCircle orangeBrownCircle orangeBrownCircle orangeBrownCircle
Rounds Rounds Rounds Rounds
(inch) (inch) (inch) (inch)
12 112 212 5
34 134 234 6
1 2 3
114 214 4

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