Tool Steel

P20 BS EN ISO 4957


P20 (1.2311) is a pre hardened 28-32 HRC, high tensile tool steel. Uniform hardness is distributed evenly in large cross sections and although pre hardened P20 is still capable of being machined and of giving a good polished finish. Applications include: Plastic Moulds, backers, bolsters, die holders, shafts and wear strips.

P20+S (1.2312) is a pre hardened 28-32HRC, high tensile tool steel with a higher sulphur content. The addition of sulphur to this grade provides much improved machinability but makes it unsuitable for applications requiring a fine polished finish. Applications include: Large mould frames and large bolsters.

P20+N (1.2738) is a pre hardened 28-32 HRC tool steel with added nickel. The nickel ensures consistent hardness through large sections. This grade is easy to polish and readily machinable. Suitable for hard chrome plating and for nitriding. Applications include: Pressing and injection moulding tools, tool sections exceeding 400mm thick.

Colour Code


Related Specifications

Steel Number Steel Name Grade Bohler BS 970 1983
1.2311 40CrMnNiMo8-6 P20 M200 -

Typical Chemical Analysis - Reference only

C Si Mn Cr Mo S P
1.40 0.30 1.50 1.90 0.20 0.30 0.30
whiteBlackCircle whiteBlackCircle whiteBlackCircle whiteBlackCircle
Rounds Rounds Rounds Rounds
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
25.40 50.80 81.00 180.00
30.00 55.00 86.00 200.00
32.80 60.00 91.00
35.00 66.00 101.6
40.80 70.00 126.5
45.00 76.00 151.5

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