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Conversion Factors

To Convert Multiply by
Across Flat Hexagon to Diameter 1.155
Centimetres to Inches 0.3937
Feet to Metres 0.3048
Inches to Centimetres 2.54
Kilograms to Pounds 2.205
Kilos per square mm to Tons per square Inch 0.635
Kilograms to Tons 0.0009
Millimetres to Inches 0.0394
Metres to Feet 3.281
Metres to Yards 1.094
Pounds to Kilograms 0.4536
Tons to Kilograms 1016
Tons per square Inch to Kilos per square mm 1.575
Tons to Tonnes 1.016
US short Tons to Tonnes 0.907

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