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Cast Machined Aluminium Plates Impact-500 (EN AW 5083)

Characterised by excellent form stability, very good machinability, extremely low residual stresses and high strengths. The very fine-grained and homogeneous microstructure has almost no microporosity. Our aluminium cast machined plate is an ideal solution for precision parts with high demands. It has good form stability with extremely low residual stresses.

It is two sides precision machined and PVC Centered on both sides. The excellent flatness and thickness tolerance allows the shortest production times in areas such as mechanical engineering, gauge production and the construction of jigs and fixtures in all kinds of capital goods industries. This aluminium cast machined plate has been belt-sanded on both surfaces in the longitudinal direction, to receive a neutral surface, thus eliminating any milling marks.

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Product Overview

  • Alloy (According to EN 573-3) – AIMg4,5Mn0,7 3.3547 not heat-treatable
  • Temper – Homogenised and stress relieved, o3
  • Surface – Two surfaces precision-milled 0.4 μm/0.000016 in.


  • Thickness in [mm]/[in.] – mm: 0.80/0.197 in.:0.031 6-12.7 mm: 0.40/0.236-0.500 in.:0.016
  • Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.] – > 12.7 mm: 0.13/>0.50 in.: 0.005
  • Plate tolerances width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+10, -0/+0.394
  • Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.] – -0/+20, -0/+0.787

Specific Notes

  • Highest reproducibility
  • Very fine-grained structure
  • Very good polishability
  • Two surfaces precision milled
  • Excellent flatness
  • Stress relieved
  • Elevated strength
  • Very homogeneous
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance


Fields of Application

Electronics, the laser, packaging and optical industries and the medical and laboratory technology.

  • Displays and front frames
  • Pressure plates
  • Laser modules
  • All kinds of base & table plates
  • over plates
  • Holders of microscopes and telescopes
Product OverviewPrecision Machined Cast Aluminium Plates
Product NameImpact 500 (EN AW 5083)
AlloyAIMg4,5Mn0,7 3.3547 Not heat-treatable
TemperHomogenised and stress relieved, o3
SurfaceTwo surfaces precision milled 0.4 μm/0.000016 in.

Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength Rp0,2 [MPa]/[ksi]110-130/16-19
Ultimate Tensile Strength Rm [MPa]/[ksi]230-290/33-42
Elongation A [%]10-15
Hardness HBW [2.5/62.5]68-75

Physical Properties
Density [g/cm3]/[lbs/]2.66-0.096
Module of elasticity [GPa]/[ksi 10³]70-10.2
Electrical conductivity [m/mm2]/[% IACS]16-18/29-32
Coefficient of thermal expansion [K-I 10-6]/[10-6/°F]23.3/13.1
Thermal Conductivity [W/m K]/[BTU in./ft²hr°F]110-130/64-75
Specific heat capacity [J/kg K]/[BTU/lb°F]900/0.212

Processing Characteristics
Form Stability1
Welding (Gas/TIG/MIG/resistance/EB)4/2/2/2/1
Corrosion Resistance (seawater/weather/stress cracking)1/1/3
Use at temperatures (max. °C long/short therms)/(max/ °F long/short Therms)180/280/356/536
Anodising (technical/decorative/hard)2/4/2
Contact with food (according to EN 602)yes

Thickness in [mm]/[in.]+/-0.10/+/-0.004 10-15 mm:0.40/0.394-0.591 in.:0.016
Flatness [mm/m9]/[in.]>15 mm: 0.25/>0.591 in.:0.010
Plate tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]-0/+10 -0/+20/ -0/+0.394 -0/+0/787
Sawing tolerance width/length [mm]/[in.]-0/+10 -0/+20/ -0/+0.394 -0/+0/787

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