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Nickel Alloy Sheet & Plate

Our alloys can be used for the following range of applications:

  • Chemical Processing Industries
  • Industrial Furnace construction
  • Offshore
  • Power plant construction
  • Petrochemicals

We provide high and fine focus Plasma cutting, waterjet and laser cutting.

To view Nickel Alloy Sheet & Plate chemical analysis, specification or shapes & sizes please click on the tabs below.

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DIN ENMaterial2mm3mm3.17mm4mm4.76mm5mm6mm6.35mm8mm10mm12mm15mm20mm25.40mm31.75mm38.10mm40mm
2.4602Alloy 22
1.4562Alloy 31
2.4605Alloy 59
-Alloy 120
1.4886Alloy 330
2.4360Alloy 400
2.4816Alloy 600
2.4851Alloy 601
2.4633Alloy 602 CA
2.4663Alloy 617
2.4856Alloy 625
1.4876,1.4958Alloy 800 H
2.4858Alloy 825
1.4529Alloy 926
2.4610Alloy C-4
2.4819Alloy C-276
2.4068Nickel 201
Width: up to 2500mm
Length: max. 6000mm

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